Latest Trends in Kitchen Designs in Australia

Creating a comfortable and functional kitchen can make cooking fun and convenient. There are several new design innovations that have resulted in some stunning kitchen designs. If you wish to create a stylish kitchen in your home then here are a few ideas to steal from the trends popular across Australia.

All-black kitchen

Going all black takes a bold move and the Australians seem to be loving this trend recently. You must have come across various pictures of all black kitchens in a chic matte finish. Going for profile finish cabinet doors complements the look. This is also a minimalist’s friendly style.

We have even found black being incorporated into plumbing hardware and appliances in some cases. If you have a stainless steel finish on your appliances then your black kitchen would bring out the classy elegance of these appliances as well.

Hide those appliances away

Integrated appliances are a recent trend. From displaying all the appliances on open shelves and the smaller ones on countertops things have changed.

Most kitchens now flaunt integrated appliances including kitchen hoods, hob tops, and more. Concealed storage of smaller appliances is also in trend.

Storage and more storage

Increasing the storage space and integrating maximum space utilization is a trend we love. Adding functional and versatile open shelving is also another style that we have seen in many kitchens.

If you have crockery to flaunt then this is your chance! Besides looking good and staying in a corner for special occasions your pretty dishes could not become interesting décor accents on open shelves.


Choosing natural materials keeping sustainability in mind is another predominant trend. While bold colored cabinets are also popular, traditional natural wood finishes are in.

The best part is that it is not just the finish that is going natural but also the materials. Eco-friendly cabinet designs and smart energy saving appliances are being incorporated in modern kitchens. This would take us a step closer to sustainability.

Make a statement with those backsplashes

Backsplashes can help prevent stains, grime and oil splashes on the kitchen walls. What if you could make a bold statement with these utilitarian additions to the kitchen? Most recent kitchen styles feature bold unconventional styles in backsplashes.

Who doesn’t love to create a little drama in the kitchen! This backsplash can easily become the center of attraction in your kitchen. And we all know how easy it is to get a new backsplash installed. You can even find several low budget options that can create the desired effect.

2019 kitchen designs have been more focused on the functional aspects of every little item in the kitchen. From over the head cabinets to storage integrated kitchen islands designers now squeeze out every inch of space available in the kitchen.

Cleaner counter tops and minimalistic décor are becoming very popular. Industrial and rustic themes are also catching up from the global interior design market. Dual toned cabinets, incorporation of different hues of the same color, chunky hardware like knobs are the other trends to check out. So what style would you use when you remodel your kitchen?